BALI NIRVANA – Bali Parasol original

Product Info

  • Parasol: American Drill Fabric (Canvas)  
  • H: 2.60 / Ø Open 185-190cm
  • Spokes Bamboo/Spaken Bamboe
  • Incl storage bag/Opberghoes
  • Parasol Base: outdoor quality /frost resistant
  • Dimensions:  32x32x32
  • Weight:  28 KG /Packed Weight 30 kg
  • Pole diameter:  made to measure our umbrellas
Bali Nirvana cream white Bali Parasol original Balinese umbrellas handmade -
Bali Nirvana traditional balinese parasol: natural cream canopy with single gold painted motive. The gold paint becomes a beautiful patina shimmer over time giving the balinese umbrella a vintage look. This umbrella works excellent for hot sunny climates and you will enjoy this unique parasol for years! Attention: this umbrella is copied often but guarantees the highest quality and handpainted and crafted balinese parasol. 
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