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Wat is een Bali Parasol

Bali Parasol

Een Bali Parasol komt uit het mooi Bali. Hand gemaakte parasols, die ook wel umbrella worden genoemd. Vele mensen vinden het tegenwoordig mooi om een kleurvolle parasol in de tuin te hebben staan. De uit Bali afkomstige parasollen worden met de hand gemaakt. Het is niet alleen duurzaam maar gaat ook lang mee in ons klimaat van Nederland.

Information Buy, Order, Find Bali Parasols Online | Umbrellas & Parasols for 2021
Information Buy, Order, Find Bali Parasols Online | Umbrellas & Parasols for 2021

Bestel nu bij ons uw favoriete parasol. Wij hanteren de laagste prijzen voor de beste kwaliteit.


Buy Bali Parasols For The Lowest Prices

Bali-parasol.com is one of the best garden parasol providers in Bali. We understand that every customer is unique and they have their own style and demand.

That’s why we design and create our own and unique garden parasols which definitely different from others for our special customers. As the professional producers we do not only provide our customers garden parasol, but we also offer you patio parasol, and garden umbrella as well.

Bali-parasol.com offers the largest luxury collection of renewing & decorative handmade Balinese parasols or umbrellas.
Bali-parasol.com offers the largest luxury collection of renewing & decorative handmade Balinese parasols or umbrellas.

All the parasols we create are unique and stylish; and especially combined with Balinese parasol style. This Balinese style has been deliberately constructed to show our character over years. And these products have been famous not only over the country, but all over the world as well. People who have recognized Bali are welcoming our products well. They love Bali and have been captured by its beauty so that they want Bali sense to be put on the product they have. People from Europe and USA are those who love our proucts most, so we have exported some of these famous products abroad, especially to Europe and USA.

Bali-parasol.com has always committed to maintain its quality all the time. Therefore, the parasols have never been done in any reckless way. We ensure you that we only hire those who are expert in designing and creating the garden parasol we produce. We do any significant ways to improve every product from time to time.

Our creative and innovative makers are always encouraged to create garden umbrella in any color, motif, dimension, and design upon the customers’ request. We also keep ourselves up with the new trends which always roll overtime. So, no need to worry that your parasols are out of date. That won’t happen; we guarantee that. However, if you would like to have your own design for the parasols, that won’t be a problem at all. You may just come and tell us what kind of parasols or what design do you wish for, and then our creators will help you to realize it in the way that you want it to be. And at the end, don’t be surprise that the parasol we create for you may be beyond your expectation.

In addition, bali-parasol.com is not only offering you many kind of parasols that you need. We also provide some other interesting products; color card packages. Be ready to get beautiful and eye-catching card package with bali-parasol.com too.

Expert in its field is also hired to give our customer the best result of the product. The colorful and eye-catching card package will make the cards more interesting to be displayed. Plus, we offer you the best and lowest price that you can ever get.

With cheap price, you still can get the best product with Balinese style and taste. If you want to take that as souvenir to bring back to your country, that would be lovely choice too. With this small souvenir, you still keep the memory of Bali in your home; or you can bring it as a gift to your friend or relatives so that they can have opportunity to enjoy Bali through the design since we design it with Balinese style which has been our character. Or if you are a businessman, this will help you to make your agenda more interesting and less-boring. With colorful card packages you can easily keep and identify the cards from other clients, or any notes that is important for your business to run.

Hand-painted and hand-made parasols and umbrellas are also our other masterpiece you should know. Many of them have been sought by those who love and appreciate manual art, who seek for the human touch on every work.

All of them are created by the local artist which has been expert for ages. Don’t even question the quality of either the material or the design. We only ask the loyal and experienced local artist to do the work, so that no matter what the result is, it is still the best one the customer can get.

These hand-painted and hand-made umbrellas or parasols are of course a little bit more expensive since it is done manually. It takes more time, more patient and more detailed by hand in doing it. So, if you mean to have this hand-made one, make sure that you have more money and more time. But, don’t worry, the result will never disappoint you. More people from other country choose this kind of product. They believe that human touch on an art will give more soul to the products.

Bali-Parasol.com is definitely the right place for you to go when you want this human touch on an art. The design, the motive and everything is carefully done by hand by the local artist. Plus, only the best material is used for the umbrella and parasols to maintain its quality.

All in all, bali-parasol.com is definitely the right place to get garden umbrella, garden parasol, or even color card package. We only create the best products for the customer’s satisfaction. Either you want to have old or vintage style parasols, or fashionable and up to date style; all are available in our shop. And every product that we create is completed with Balinese style as our character, and that will give you the real feel of the God Island. Come and visit us right away, and prove it yourself. We offer you the best products with the most reasonable price.

Bali-Parasol.com is absolutely a platform which provide you the best garden parasol, umbrella, and color card package in Bali. With its Balinese style and the touch of the local artist, you can get the real Balinese sense on every work that we give you.
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Cheap high quality Bali Parasol

Cheap Bali Parasol in stock. Do order today your sun parasol. Also the newest garden umbrella’s for everyone that enjoys the sun!

Our parasols and umbrellas can block from 80 to 99 percent of UV rays, depending on the color and type. … For ultimate protection, Rain or Shine recently stocked new parasols from Japan that block 100 percent of UV rays — though a lot of them have a black lining on the inside that can get hot after a lot of sun.

Cheap Bali Parasols Online | Umbrellas & Parasols for 2021
Cheap Bali Parasols Online | Umbrellas & Parasols for 2021

Umbrella comes from the Latin for shade – ‘umbra’, so same thing, really. A lady uses a parasol, a gentleman uses an umbrella. … Any form of shade can help to reduce the heat because you are out of direct sun. Now don’t you want that for your garden?

The best colours for sun umbrella is black on inside and white on top of the umbrella. As black colour absorbs sun rays it should not be up side. If you wear a dark-colored shirt, for instance, you get hotter because the color absorbs more UV rays,” say Dr. McMichael and Dr. Chen. “Black umbrellas, too, absorb more of the sun’s energy, so less of it is able to seep through the fabric to your skin.

White, silver, and other light colors are coolest, reflecting about 60 percent of sunlight but there are dark “cool” colors that can also stay cooler than traditional dark colors.

Best Bali Parasols 2021

What are parasols used for? Unlike umbrellas, the Bali parasol is primarily used for protection from exposure to the sun. Additionally, it is expected that a Bali parasol will contain ornate designs.

Bali-parasol.com offers the largest luxury collection of renewing & decorative handmade Balinese parasols or umbrellas.
Bali-parasol.com offers the largest luxury collection of renewing & decorative handmade Balinese parasols or umbrellas.

How do parasols work? Yes, Sun Umbrellas Protect from UV but…

By creating a blockade against the sun’s rays, shaded areas are cooler and provide a sense of relief from being impaled by the sun’s harsh light.

Although parasols, particularly those that emulated the style of flat, oriental sunshades, were popular up until the 1920s, the growing fashion for tanned skin effectively put an end to widespread use of the parasol by the 1930s.

Although parasols, particularly those that emulated the style of flat, oriental sunshades, were popular up until the 1920s, the growing fashion for tanned skin effectively put an end to widespread use of the parasol by the 1930s.

Shining in white, yellow, or even at times embellished with the golden prada print, the Balinese parasol, known as a tedung or Bali Parasolis an essential feature in Balinese Hindu worship.

As decorative as they are – often used to culturally adorn entrance ways of restaurants and hotels – tedung are most at home when standing tall at temples and shrines, or carried by a pilgrim during a long ceremonial procession.

The literal meaning of tedung is ‘to guard’, as these ceremonial umbrellas symbolise protection. They are also said to symbolise a mountain, whose protective shade covers the land and people. The mountain of course being the pinnacle of spirituality as the abode of the gods.

During a temple anniversary, or piodalan, a sea of tedung will be setup, casting its shade upon worshippers; during a cremation ceremony, it casts protection over the departed, placed within the bade cremation tower. They are also used to shade holy artefacts such as pratima effigies or the great Barong costume.

Nothing is ever simple on the island of the gods, everything has meaning, and every iteration or variation is no accident. The same goes for the tedung. The many colours and adornments, the length and even the spines of the umbrella signify a different function and usage.

The tedung agung, for example, is used in holy places, or for holy functions. The other, more typical ceremonial umbrella is called the tedung robrob. They can be differentiated by their adornments: tedung agung will have hanging tassels made of yarn or woll, the robrob will feature long strips of ider-ider, or prada-printed cloth.

Shapes can differ too, with some tedung quite shallow, whilst others – like those made by Bangli craftsmen – are deeper and more cone-like, likened to bat wings or ngampid lawah.

They are often designed by undagi, the traditional ‘architects’ of Bali, who follow strict rules of form and function. These principles called Asta Kosala Kosala mean that the measurements must be in harmony with the human form. Typically, the tedung are two- to two-and-half metres tall and about a metre wide, made up of a long wood or bamboo pole, rattan weave and different cloth or wool.

The colours of each tedung are symbolic as well. You will see the black and white umbrellas, symbolising Rwa Bhineda, philosophy of balance; red umbrellas for Brahma; black for Vishnu; white for Siwa. 

Other variations of colour may represent social strata too, colours representing a different level of the caste system. White for Brahmin, the priestly caste; black for Ksatria, the royal or knightly caste; yellow for Sudra, the commoners; and red for Pande, the clan of smith workers.

Of course, being a sacred ornament or tool, ceremonies must accompany its creation, and ceremonies will be done before they are put to use. There is always a good excuse for a ceremony here in Bali!

Bali Parasols

An umbrella or parasol is a folding canopy supported by wooden or metal ribs that is usually mounted on a wooden, metal, or plastic pole. It is designed to protect a person against rain or sunlight. The term umbrella is traditionally used when protecting oneself from rain, with parasol used when protecting oneself from sunlight, though the terms continue to be used interchangeably. Often the difference is the material used for the canopy; some parasols are not waterproof. Umbrella canopies may be made of fabric or flexible plastic. There are also combinations of parasol and umbrella that are called en-tout-cas (French for “in any case”).[2]

Umbrellas and parasols are primarily hand-held portable devices sized for personal use. The largest hand-portable umbrellas are golf umbrellas. Umbrellas can be divided into two categories: fully collapsible umbrellas, in which the metal pole supporting the canopy retracts, making the umbrella small enough to fit in a handbag, and non-collapsible umbrellas, in which the support pole cannot retract and only the canopy can be collapsed. Another distinction can be made between manually operated umbrellas and spring-loaded automatic umbrellas, which spring open at the press of a button.

Hand-held umbrellas have a type of handle which can be made from wood, a plastic cylinder or a bent “crook” handle (like the handle of a cane). Umbrellas are available in a range of price and quality points, ranging from inexpensive, modest quality models sold at discount stores to expensive, finely made, designer-labeled models. Larger parasols capable of blocking the sun for several people are often used as fixed or semi-fixed devices, used with patio tables or other outdoor furniture, or as points of shade on a sunny beach.

Parasols are occasionally called sunshades. An umbrella may also be called a brolly (UK slang), parapluie (nineteenth century, French origin), rainshade, gamp (British, informal, dated), or bumbershoot (rare, facetious American slang).